About Us

We are licensed General Contractors (#1038844) and Certified Home Inspectors with over 40 years of experience in the inspection and construction trades. We are a team of professionals who continue to educate our clients and repair, restore and protect homes all over Northern California. We are based in Marin County with offices in San Rafael and Truckee, California.

As Home Inspectors, we have inspected thousands of homes from Tiburon to Truckee and all parts in between. Our focus has been discovering construction defects and educating clients about the condition of the property. Today, we take great pride educating our clients preparing and executing comprehensive plans to mitigate wildfire damage.

Mission Statement

The California fire season becomes more devastating each year. Thousands of homes are destroyed and lives are turned upside down. Many of these homes don't stand a chance, but fire officials warn that homes "worth the fight" stand a better chance of being defended and surviving a wildfire if you are prepared in advance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate clients and offer comprehensive plans and execute them to help our clients have a little peace of mind knowing that they have done the best they can to protect their families, their possessions and their home.  

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