How It Works

Every home is different and every client has different ideas, expectations and budget concerns. We have a simple three step process. Our first priority is to review the report you have received from your local fire department and discuss your needs and options available to provide better protections in the event of a wildfire. Next, we prepare an Estimate and upon acceptance, we work with you to schedule a time to execute the plan and any ancillary products and services

We are the licensed insured General Contractor and the Project Manager.

You wont have a bunch of strange people and sub-contractors wandering around your home unattended



We come to your home and perform an  evaluation of your property and review of the report you have already received from your local fire department



After reviewing your report and discussing your specific needs, we prepare a written Proposal and Estimate to perform the modifications to your property.



Upon acceptance of the Proposal, we look at the best scheduling options available to execute the Plan and any other items important to you and your family.

A​ closer look at some of our services

Here are of just some of the things we'll be discussing during our visit

Additional information can be found on our


Vegetation Management

Clearing bush, shrubbery and trees around your home is a very important component when it comes creating defensible space. To better understand the term defensible space, go to our FAQ page.

Fire Resistant Vents

Crawlspace and attic venting has come a long way. In some cases they can now be completely removed. In other cases they can be replaced with fire resistant vents that will respond to heat, sealing themselves to prevent sparks and embers from entering.

Gutters & Guards

Dead leaves, pine needles and debris in your gutters are just waiting for sparks and embers to ignite them! Gutter guards are just part of one of our treatment plans


Not always on the top of the list, but sometimes a good well planned sprinkler system can provide an excellent defense

Home Hardening

Home hardening is a term used to describe a process of replacing flammable materials around your home with fire resistant materials as part of your defensible space plan.

Ancillary Services

We also install smoke detectors, C/O detectors, fire extinguishers,

fireproof safes and fire proof data safes

We are licensed General Contractors with many years of construction experience from handy-m​an services to kitchen and bath remodels. Although we are not there to "sell" you any additional services, we are happy to discuss any additional projects with you.

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